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In Exodus 12:27 (KJV) God instructed His people regarding the Passover - "It is the Passover sacrifice to the Lord, who passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt and spared our home when He struck down the Egyptians. Then the people bowed and worshipped." When God's people saw how God would destroy the firstborn in all the houses of the Egyptians and He would passed over all the houses of the children of Israel; the Passover became a memorable event which invariably provoked worship

Similarly, the Breaking of Bread, like the Passover, is a memorable feast to recall God's mighy works in separating us from the world and it should cause us to worship Him. Each time we partake of the bread and the wine, we should be arrested by His amazing grace and His wondrous ways by which He has brought us out of darkness into His marvellous light.

Note that the Israelities' action was not the result of Moses' instruction. It was their spontaneous reaction when Moses mentioned the significance of the Passover. Worship is not the fruit of mental exercise; it is a spontaneous expression as we behold the ways of God.

Twelve Basket Full Vol 2 - Watchman Nee

In my last post I received a comment from a reader pointing out that it is not easy to put into practice to worship the ways of God; to which I agreed. He asked if there are tips to help us prepare for such a lifestyle of worship to which I answered that the key is in our CHOICE. Yes we choose to worship Him and silent the enemy with our praise.

Actually with regards to the ways of God, to be more precise we have NO CHOICE ... because Worship Belongs To God (see post dated July 7, 2006) .... and because God is God, He will do what deems is right ... His ways & thoughts are higher than ours (see Part 1 dated September 7, 2006 on What are the ways of God?). If our hearts are set to worship God, He will give us unique opportunities (i.e circumstances & situations) to glorify Him. I must say that this level of worship if of a different league because we will not be able see His ways unless we have learn to discipline our life (see Discipline of Worship - posted on June 2, 2006) to live as a lifestyle worshipper. In other words in your daily walk, are you a thankful person? Do you praise God in all circumstances? Do you dare to offer Sacrifice of Praise in adverse circumstances?

We will see in later Part 8 how the righteous man, Job choose to worship God's Way when he was suddenly stripped off of everything. But for now I would like to encourage you to go back to all my past posts to digest on the area of Thanksgiving (posted on June 9, 2006), Private Praise (posted on June 16. 2006) and Sacrifice of Praise (posted on Aug 5, 2006)

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