Saturday, February 21, 2009


"And in His temple everything says, 'GLORY!' "
Psalm 29:9

"Within your temple, O God, we meditate on YOUR UNFAILING LOVE."
Psalm 48:9 (NIV)

What sets God's temple apart from every other place in the universe? It is a place where there is only one theme: God and His GLORY. Everything in the temple says, "GLORY!" Not just the living worshipers - the angelic beings, the cherubim and seraphim - but even the furniture and the structure itself join in the cry: "GLORY TO GOD!" Together they make up a single unit of worship.

However, the worship in God's temple is not limited to outward verbal expression. It is carried on simultaneously in the inner, unvoiced meditation of the soul. The theme of this inner meditation is GOD'S UNFAILING LOVE. The beautiful Hebrew word thus translated has been rendered in many ways: mercy, lovingkindness, goodness .... Each of these conveys part of the meaning, but taken together they do not fully express the whole. It constitutes an inexhaustible theme for the meditation of the true worshiper.

These are the two distinctive marks of God's temple: verbal worship proclaiming His GLORY and inner meditation focused on HIS UNFAILING LOVE. Whenever we meet these conditions and whenever our whole being cries, "GLORY TO GOD!" and all our thoughts are focussed on HIS UNFAILING LOVE, then we become God's temple. It may be in an automobile, or an office, or a kitchen, the physical location is not important.

Right where you are just now, you can become a temple of God! Focus your heart and mind on HIS UNFAILING LOVE. Then open your lips and praise Him. Let your whole being unite in a single cry: "GLORY!"


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Specer Brucer Courtis said...

Ricky - this statement of yours is straight from heaven:

"Worshippers don't wait for perfect circumstances to worship, and they don't let current situations keep them from worshipping."

Bless you my precious brother - you are such an encourager

Spencer Bruce Courtis - Cape Town, SOuth Africa