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I think of worship as a love affair between the spirit of man and the spirit of His God.
Worship is intimate relationship beyond human comprehension; only lovers worship!
Worship is intercourse of the highest proportions; the absolute and ultimate fusion of man and God; of the creature with his creator.

Worship is the transfiguration of body, soul and spirit to the place where nothing else matters and time ceases to exist.It is the point where the spirit prevails over the flesh and all moulds are broken!
Worship is the complete negligence of self as man connects in total submission to God.

Worship is the very essence of creation; it is the highest expectation of the creator.
Worship is the only thing God cannot do for Himself; hence it is our highest obligation to Him!

Worship is the peak of no return; the point where man in his totality presses through to the immediate presence of the King of kings!

Worship is the recognition of the awesomeness of God; it is the celebration of his beauty and the appreciation of His might.
Worship is the expression of His love and the stimulation of His power at work within us!

Worship is a lifestyle, a mind-set, a mentality, a radical paradigm shift from the realms of the natural into the realms of the divine.

Worship is giving your best to God, holding nothing back, disregarding all protocol and nullifying all man-made doctrines.

Worship is the spot at which God is vulnerable and His sceptre of favour is stretched out to fix all that pertains to the worshiper
Worship is the most potent form of warfare; the point where the might of God is provoked to step in on behalf of the worshiper, thwarting the enemy and putting him to flight!

Worship is the safest place to be; it is the sweetest thing to do. It is the most gratifying of feelings both carnal and divine.

Worship is man caught up in God’s presence all by himself!

Worship- the highest calling, the only eternal ministry- the essence of creation- the heart of the creator!

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