Sunday, September 13, 2009


Is Not Part
Of The
Christian Life;
It Is The
Christian Life
I Urge You, Brothers, In View Of God's Mercy, To Offer Your Bodies As Living Sacrifices, Holy And Pleasing To God - This Is Your Spiritual Act Of Worship (Romans 12:1)
Being a living sacrifice is more than a holy obligation; it is a HOLY PASSION. It's the lover whosays, "I would do anything for you. I'd sacrifice my life, my dreams, my everything for your welfare." Few of us love God like that with any consistency, but that's our goal. And the only way to get there is to ask Him for that kind of love. It's supernatural. Only He can offer it and maintain it in our hearts.

How do we know if we have it? We'll know by what fills our minds when we lie down at night and when we wake up in the morning. We'll know it by where we direct all of our resources and all your abilities. And we'll know it by the things we pray for.

If a stranger were to pick up the ledger of our checkbook and read it, would he know that we are lovers of God? If he were to examine our calender, would he be able to tell that we have a holy desire for a beloved Saviour? If he were to hear our prayers, would he find that we're wholly dedicated to the will of our Father? We're reluctant to answer, because we know our shortcomings. We know how fickle our hearts and how self-directed our desires are. We know we have more than one agenda - God's plus our own. We know we have a long way to go to be filled with a holy, God-centred love.

That's okay. God's grace is more than enough to cover our lukewarm hearts. But He doesn't want us to remain ambivalent toward Him. He wants to stir us up to a consuming obsession with His goodness, His love, and His plans. He wants us not just try hard to please Him - we've done that and failed so many times - but to delight in Him. Like any lover of another, He wants to be our joy. Like a wife who craves evidence of her husband's affections, or a husband who looks expectantly for affirmation from his wife, our God - though never needy - wants to be adored.

Can we adore Him? We MUST - it's our created purpose, and it's the only love we'll ever have that will leave us completely satisfied. All others fall short, but PASSION for Him always fulfills.

TPWC (An extract from Worship The king - by Chris Tiegreen)

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blogpastor said...

Amen brother, the grace of God is so essential to a life of worship.