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"For the earth shall be filled
with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord,
as the waters cover the sea."
Habakkuk 2:14
It is the realm of eternity. It is the revelation of the presence of God. It is the manifestation of His presence. He is Glory. He is everywhere, but Glory is the manifestation of that reality. Earth has the atmosphere of air, whereas the heavenly atmosphere is Glory, His presence. When Glory comes down, it's a bit of heaven's atmosphere coming down to us, a taste of His manifest presence.
We don't see the air, do we? But all of us would be dead if we are not breathing it. We are not conscious of the air unless we see the wind blowing the leaves on the trees. Yet, the earth is covered by it. In the same way, not one inch of Heaven lacks glory. Now God is giving us a taste of that Glory, Heaven manifested on earth.
(An extract from GLORY Experiencing The Atmosphere of Heaven by Ruth Ward Heflin - e-book available upon request with your email address)

Bob Sorge in his book - GLORY When Heaven Invades Earth shared that there is God's Presence Realm and God's Glory Realm. As we press in deeper in our worship, the spiritual intensity of God's Presence will increase ... then we enter that sphere where we move from the Presence Realm to the Glory Realm - that's when we cross into the sensory threshold. When God heals a sick person during worship, we are experiencing a tangible manifestation of the Glory Realm

You probably heard about other tangible manifestations of the Glory of God where believers received "gold dust", heavenly fragrance, glory cloud, vision and visitation of angelic hosts ... personally I have experienced some of these manifestations. There is also a higher level which I call the Extreme Glory Realm where signs and wonders explode in the Glory Zone (i.e instant weight lost, implantation of gold teeth, creative miracules and healings ...). you can easily witness some of these manifestations in the internet. HOWEVER, A WORD OF CAUTION - believers then to get caught up with the such manifestations and sensations rather than the purposes of God's manifest Glory.

These Extreme Glory manifestations are not in my experience I am not in the position to judge or comment. I can only say that throughout the Bible that whenever or wherever the Glory of God is manifest - God is glorified, there is an increase reverence in the fear of God, enemies were defeated, lives were transformed and salvation of multitudes.

1) Old Testament examples:
a) Moses - the 10 plagues, crossing of the Red Sea, the providence of manna & quails (Exodus)
b) Joshua - the fall of Jericho's wall (Joshua 5:13 - chapter 6)
c) Gideon - defeating the Midianites with just three hundred men (Judges 7)
d) Samson - defeating the Philistines with a donkey's jawbone (Judges 15)
e) Elijah - defeating the prophets of Baal (1Kings 18:1-40)
f) Elisha - feeding the poor widow (2 Kings 4)
g) Ezekiel - prophesing to the dry bones to come to life (Ezekiel 37:4-6)

2) New Testament examples:
a) Jesus in the Gospel (most of these affirmed Jesus is the Son of God and His Lordship)
- many creatives healing miracles with signs and wonders (the four Gospels)
- turning water into wine (John 2:1-11)
- providence miracle of the feeding of the five thousands (Matthew 14:13-21, John 6:1-13)
- still the storm(Matthew 8:18,23-27, Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25)
- walking on waters (Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-51 & John 6:16-21)
- cursing of the fig tree (Matthew 21:19-22, Mark 11-20-24)
b) The book of Acts
- Peter & John healing the lame man at the temple gate (Acts 3:1-10)
- Peter's shadow and healing (Acts 5:12-16)
- Philip was transported to another town to preach (Acts 8:39-40)
- Peter's miraculous escape from prison by visitation of an angel(Acts 12:1-18)
- Paul & Silas in prison delivered by a sudden violent earthquake (Acts 16:16-34)
- Paul did extraordinary miracles (Acts 19:11)

When God invades earth with His Glory, it is to visit His corporate church with His manifest presence. This is what happened on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4), when the sound of a mighty rushing wind filled the room and tongues of fire came to rest on the church. This is God's reality invading the human sphere, appearing to entire groups of people and transforming entire cities. These kind of Glory manifestations are increasing as we approach the return of Christ. However, when God rends the skies and come down, it is not always for a corporate gathering; sometimes God rends the heavens to visit an individual.

My goal is to ignite you with a passion to chase after His Glory not His manifestation. Moses was one such passionate person who chased after the Glory of God. He prayed, "Please show me Your Glory" (Exodus 33:18) ... next post


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Maria Angela said...

Yes, I have witnessed the glory manifestation of our Lord, even in my own private worship or even in public worship leading. I have seen the glory cloud and been transported into His presence