Saturday, April 17, 2010

PRAISE HIM - The Victory You Have In God Over Your Enemy

God Wants Us To Be Victors,
Not Victims ... To Overcome,
Not To Be Overwhelmed
William Arthur Ward

Further to my last few blog posts on the power of praise (Silencing The Enemy, The Enemy Has Been Defeated & Praise - Our Weapon In Spiritual Warfare), may these scriptures enlighten and reinforce the position we already have in Christ when we praise Him:

2 Samuel 22:30 - Praise Him when you can overtake an entire troop
2 Chronicles 20:17 - Praise Him when He fights on your behalf
2 Chronicles 20:21 - Praise Him when you can defeat an overwhelming army by praising God
Romans 8:31 - Praise Him when God is for you and no one can stand against you
Psalm 7:6 & 17 - Praise Him when your enemies rage against you
Psalm 27:2 to 5 - Praise Him when your enemies come against you
Psalm 25:19 - Praise Him when your enemies are many and are very cruel
Psalm 38:19 - Praise Him when your enemies are multiplied and very strong
Psalm 69:4 & 30 - Praise Him when your enemies hate you without cause and you are forced to restore what you did not steal
Psalm 102:8 & 12 - Praise Him when your enemies speak against you all day long (see also Psalm 71:10, 15 & 16)
Lamentations 1:21 - Praise Him when your enemies hear of your trouble and rejoice in your suffering
Lamentations 3:52 - Praise Him when your enemies hunt you down without cause (see also Lamentations 3:55-58)
1Samuel 2:1 - Praise Him when you can smile at your enemies because of His salvation
Psalm 18:1 to 3 & 8 - Praise Him when you are delivered from your enemies (see also 2 Samuel 22;1, Psalm 31:15; 59:1)
Psalm 9:1 to3 - Praise Him when your enemies fall and perish at His presence
Psalm 18:3 - Praise Him when you call on the Lord and are saved from your enemies (see also Psalm 3:48-49)
Psalm 23:5 - Praise Him when He prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies
Psalm 25:1 to 2 - Praise Him when He will not allow your enemies to triumph over you
Psalm 27:4 to 6 - Praise Him when He lifts your head above your enemies
Psalm 27:11 - Praise Him when He leads you on a smooth path in the face of your enemies
Psalm 41:2 - Praise Him when He stands against the will of your enemies
Psalm 119:98 - Praise Him when He makes you wiser than your enemies through his Word
Psalm 143:9 - Praise Him when He lifts you and gives you light in the face of your enemies
2 kings 17:39 - Praise Him when he delivers you from the hand of all your enemies
Zephaniah 3:14 to 15 - Praise Him when He turns back your enemies
(an extract from Praise Him by Vivien Hibbert)

A wise assessment of our struggles will always include this glorious fact: Almighty God fights on behalf of those who hearts are His. When we look at a problem with a sense of defeat, we are not wise to the reality of God's power or His promise. We must always know who holds victory in His hand, and we must never loose heart - Worship The King by Chris Tiegreen

Have a victorious week! (Romans 8:37)

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Great stuff again! Very encouraging