Saturday, January 08, 2011


May My Lips Overflow With Praise,
For You Teach Me Your Decrees
Psalm 119:171
PRAISE will revolutinize your life! There's no doubt about it. It will reorient your thinking, taking your mind off of yourself and placing it firmly on GOD, where it belongs. Rehearsing His mercies will open your eyes to them, and confessing His name as the source behind all your blessings will magnify your blessings enormously. PRAISE is a radical step in a life-changing direction.

The problem many believers have with that is where to start. How do you PRAISE Him? Where do you begin? What if you're discouraged and depressed, and your eyes can hardly see the blessings He's given, much less prompt your mouth to PRAISE Him for them? What if you hardly know Who He is and can barely come up with words to say? The psalmist gives us the answer: Begin in His WORD.

Very practically, here's a good way to learn to PRAISE the Lord. Begin reading. Open your Bible to any page in any section - it doesn't matter where, although Psalms or the New Testament ase good places to start. Begin reading a passage. When you get to a verse that speaks of God's faithfulness, PRAISE Him for His faithfulness. Think of ways He's been faithful to you. When the WORD speaks of His sacrifice or His love or His promises, PRAISE Him for His sacrifice, love or promises. As often as His WORD reveals some aspect of His character or His works, thank Him for that character and those works. Voice your gratitude for the way He is and the things He does. Before long, you will be an endless fountain of PRAISE.


Can you think of a better use for your life than being an endless fountain of PRAISE? God uses such fountains mightily. He changes hearts and redeems souls for just such purposes. You might have always thought that He is focused on your behavior - and certainly He cares about it - but behavior begins in the HEART. PRAISE reorient the HEART. Focus there, and let your fountain flow.
(an extract from Worship The King - by Chris Tiegreen)

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