Saturday, February 05, 2011


Exodus 33:18

There's a key to becoming a fountain of praise. It's simple, really, although we often have a hard time remembering it. We come up with formulas and techniques, strategies that we think will get us closer to the heart of God. Perhaps we want some special insight that will be the key to understanding His nature and praising Him more deeply. If only we had that missing piece of information, we imagine we would be spiritual giant we intend to be. It all must be amusing to God. But if we look into His Word, we'll realize the simple key to knowing Him: ASK

Think about that. Is there anyone in the Bible who ever asked with a sincere heart to know God deeply and was turned down? No. We can see it here with Moses - "Show me Your glory" - and we can see it repeatedly throughout Scripture. David was man after God's own heart, and according to the Word, he found it (Acts 13:22, 1 Samuel 16:13). Jeremiah and others promised that whoever seeks Him will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). People came looking for Jesus, and He obliged them. An Ethiopian came looking for God in Jerusalem, and God sent Philip (Acts 8:26-36). A Roman was looking for God in Joppa, and God sent Peter (Acts 10). Those who look for God- with an open, sincere heart, of course - find Him. If we want to praise Him for who He is, all we need to do is ASK: "Lord, who are You?"

That will transform a life. It isn't strategy or a secret, just a request. It's request that God honors - always. And it's a whole lot simpler than some of the tricks we try when we want to see God. If we really want see Him for the purpose of praising Him, He's there for the asking.

Even a glimpse of glory will utterly transform a life. Moses came down from the mountain so radiant that it scared his friends. Nothing will change a perspective so much as a vision of the eternal God. And nothing can achieve that glimpse other than a sincere request. So ASK. Make that your prayer today, and many days to come. "Lord, show me Your glory."
(An extract from Worship The King by Chris Tiegreen)

Be blessed with this awesome song by Jesus Culture - Show Me Your Glory. TPWC \0/

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