Saturday, February 11, 2012


I Appeal To You Therefore, Brethren, And Beg of You In View od (All) The Mercies Of God,
To Make A decisive Dedication Of Your Bodies (Presenting All Your Members And Faculties)
As A Living Sacrifice, Holy (Devoted, Consecrated) And Well Pleasing To God,
Which Is Your Reasonable (Rational, Intelligent) Service And Spiritual Worship
Romans 12:1 (Amplified Bible)
Since the days of the Exodus, wherever a tabernacle or temple stood, faithful Jews would bring the best of their flocks and herds to a priest standing at the altar of God. It was an act of devotion, a commandment handed down by God Himself. There were various reasons for the command: The offering would, at times, serve as a symbol of sin and its ugly consequences; as a sacrifice of gratitute, acknowledging that every good gift comes from God; or as an act of devotion and worship, a gift from a LOVING HEART. Regardless of the reason, the origin of the SACRIFICE was always God - human beings clearly never created a ram or a bull - and the SACRIFICE was always a reminder of the horrible gap between the CREATOR and the created.
God bridged that gap with His ultimate SACRIFICE, of course - the body of JESUS on an altar made of Roman lumber. The wages of sin were paid in full. There are no more guilt offerings. All that was left for us to do is to place our lives in Him. Never before had such a gift been given, and never since. Those who accept it have no sin to work off, no condemnation to dread. We're left standing with nothing but our GRATITUTE.
There is, however, an appropriate response. It has nothing to do with merit or guilt, but only withthe thankfulness that should naturally flow from a REDEEMED HEART. It is our SPIRITUAL ACT OF WORSHIP.
The response id for us  to walk to that tabernacle or temple as the Israelites did in days of old, approach the PRIEST, and hand Him the SACRIFICE that we brought out of our GRATITUTE: OURSELVES. We are to envision our PRIEST doing His duty by taking the SACRIFICE, placing it on the ALTAR OF GOD, and accepting it in His name. But unlike the OLD SACRIFICES, this SACRIFICE LIVES. It lives a DEDICATED LIFE, AN ALTAR LIFE. It now belongs to the PRIEST. We are in His hands.
(an extract from: Worship The King by Chris Tiegreen)
If Jesus Christ Be God And Died For Me,
Then No SACRIFICE Can Be Too Great For Me To Make For Him
- C.T. Studd - 

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