Saturday, April 21, 2012


Worship Through Turbulent Times
"Joseph sold as a slave.
They bruised his feet with shackles,
his neck was put in irons."
(Psalm 105:17-18)
Have we ever felt like our lives were just one huge, gigantic knot that could never be untangled? Or we're caught in a strangling, spidery web that we just can't seem to extricate ourselves from? Or locked away in the shell of a dark cocoon, hidden from sight and sound? Joseph must have felt all of these things throughout the duration of his turbulent life! Life had been extremely difficult for Joseph for a very, very long time. Sold into slavery by his own brothers as a young man, he must have thought then that things could not get much worse. But this was to be just the beginning of years of turmoil for this young man. He is later imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. The Bible says that Joseph was “laid in chains of iron until his soul entered into the iron” (Psalm 105:18). 
The word of the Lord had tried and tested Joseph with grueling persistence. Just how much injustice could one man endure in one lifetime? Yet Joseph learned the secret of enduring times of trial and testing. Though the road was hard and long, he put his trust in the One who would never fail him (Genesis 49:24). Joseph’s heart could have failed him many times throughout his bleak, dark journey. Only his faith in God would pull him through to ultimate victory. That victory may have seemed a long time coming, but God had something greater in mind than just Joseph’s comfort and well-being. 
Have we ever stopped to think that God had held this plan in His heart for Joseph for a very long time? God’s plan included slavery, imprisonment, injustice and pain, yet the end result would be the saving of nations. Through the hand of Joseph, Egypt would be saved from famine and certain death. The descendants of Abraham would be housed, clothed and fed by a people not their own. God’s determined plan was the saving of His people. God always has a plan where His children are concerned! He is jealous over us and His goodness is towards us. 
So if the going gets tough – breathe a little easier. The King of all heaven has us firmly in the palm of His hand. He is committed to us no matter what wry turns our life seems to take. 
To worship God is to get past our self and past our own pain, to focus on the bigger picture that is inscribed on the canvas of God’s heart. Prophetic vision helps us to see clearly what’s written on God’s canvas. But sometimes that purpose and vision lie hidden from our eyes so that we do not understand the things that are befalling us. Joseph must have felt confusion and bewilderment for all the things that were happening to him. It was not until the very end that Joseph would finally understand what had happened to him. 
How many times have we wished that we could know the end of a matter before the beginning of it? This is what we call hindsight. Hindsight is the ability to understand after something has happened, what we should have done! But hindsight would take the fun out of walking by faith now wouldn't it?! To be able to walk blind through heartache and turmoil, with faith in our hearts and a song on our lips, is the stuff that crowns are made of! (See Revelation 2:10; James 1:12)
No matter what trials or temptations we are facing today, make a quality decision to worship God anyway! Who knows where these storms of life may take us? And who knows what exciting adventures yet lie ahead of us? One thing is for certain though, with Christ as the Captain of our high seas, we can put our trust in Him, and enjoy the journey! 
(an extract from Heart of Worship by Kerrie Christensen)
Worship God!

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