Sunday, May 20, 2012


Solomon was well trained in the ways of the LORD. His father had seen to that. David, the King of Israel and father to Solomon, outwardly encouraged his son to pursue an intimate knowledge of the LORD:
And you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father
[have personal knowledge of Him, be acquainted with,
understand Him; appreciate, heed, and cherish Him]
and serve Him with a blameless heart and a willing mind"
1 Chronicles 28:9a (Amplified)
David had instilled into his son's heart a love for God, right from the earliest moments of his life. What a wonderful thing. So it isn't any wonder then, that when God later appeared to Solomon in a dream, he instinctively knew exactly the right thing to answer God in the dream. He didn't ask for riches or honor. He asked instead for wisdom. But God decided to reward him with all three! (2 Chronicles 1:7-12)
Solomon enjoyed a very prosperous and fruitful reign as King of Israel. Solomon demonstrated both a fear and a love for God, and a deep love for the people of God. He fulfilled the prophetic word by Nathan the prophet that he would be the one to build a house for the LORD. He was faithful to do all that the LORD had commanded him to, at least in the early years of his kingship.
Not only was he faithful, he was a TRUE WORSHIPER of the LORD. The picture we find painted of Solomon in 2 Chronicles chapter 5 through 7 is one of a man of deep prayer with a heart literally overflowing in WORSHIP to his God. Before the entire assembly of Israel he unashamedly falls upon his knees, with arms outstretched towards heaven, to WORSHIP God. His heartfelt cry that day is for the people of God, that they would experience the same touch of God upon their life, as he himself was so familiar with.
Solomon held desperation in his heart that day to see the LORD reach down and place His presence right in the very midst of His people. He yearned to see God reach down and meet the needs of the people. He longed for the Kingdom of God to enter into the earth realm, where mankind could feast upon the bountiful supply of his King.
And in the early years of Solomon's reign as king of Israel, he displayed an amazing love for the one who had blessed him beyond human comprehension. Solomon was a devoted WORSHIPER, knowing the bounties of his benevolent God.
And so it is with every WORSHIPER of the King of kings. Within their breasts beats the never-ending song of love for their Savior, singing His PRAISES and proclaiming His greatness to the ends of the earth. 
Solomon declares that there is none like his KING (2 Chronicles 6:14), and our hearts echo his chorus, "Yes. Truly, there is none like our KING." WORSHIP entices God to draw near to us. It beckons to Him to incline His ear to us. It causes Him to respond to the yearnings of our heart.
(an extract from - Heart Of Worship by Kerrie Christensen)

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