Saturday, July 14, 2012


"One of those listening was a women named Lydia.
a dealer in purple cloth from the city of Thyatira,
who was a worshiper of God. 
The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul's message"
(Acts 16:14)
The Bible tells us that Lydia was a businesswoman, a dealer of purple cloth. She must have been successful since, as we see later, her home was large enough to house Paul, his three companions, Lydia's family and servants. The Bible tell us that she was a worshiper of God. She was a Gentile who believed in the True God but she had not yet become a believer in Christ.
Lydia's attendance at the prayer gathering demonstrated her hunger for God and willingness to respond to as much about God as she knew. God responded to her heart quest by providing her with more truth  (John 4;23 - "the kind of worshiper the Father seeks"). When she heard the Gospel message about Jesus Christ, she listened and believed. She is remembered as Paul's first European convert. Actually it wasn't Paul's dynamic preaching that caused Lydia's conversion even though he may have been dynamic. The Bible says that the LORD opened her heart to respond to the message. 
Luke (the author of the book of Acts) described with swift strokes the first two steps in Lydia's life as a disciple:
(1) She was baptized, (2) She brought the rest of the members of her household to Paul and they apparently believed and was baptized as well. We also learned that Lydia's house had become a meeting place. When Paul and Silas were released from a Roman prison, they went to her house where they met with and encouraged believers.
This Woman of the Bible is mentioned in only two short passages, both in the book of Acts, but what is said tells us a lot about her as a True Worshiper:
a) A successful businesswoman but one who is passionate and hungry for God (Acts 16:14) - this is a great example of one who has been blessed and yet passionate for the Kingdom of God
b) A woman whose heart God opened (Acts 16:14) - Listened to God's WORD, responded in faith and obedience in following the WORD in water baptism
c) A generous and willing servant (Acts 16:40) - in good deeds and not afraid of the opposing authority who has prison Paul and Silas when she hosted them after their released
As soon as Lydia believed, she served the LORD. She shared her faith with her family and servants. She opened her home to God's people and continued being of service to the church - Lydia's worship to the LORD was both inward and outward.

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