Monday, February 03, 2014

WORSHIP QUOTABLE (For Worship Leaders) - PART 2

Just the other day, I was asked a point-blank question what I thought was the single most important quality that a worship leader should possess? "Be a LIFESTYLE WORSHIPER," I answered.

"Worship Is Not Something We Do, It Is A Lifestyle We MAINTAIN! Worship As A Way Of Life Goes Beyond Formulas And Techniques." - John Stevenson 

"If You Cannot Worship God In The Midst Of Your Responsibilities On Monday, Then It Is Very Unlikely You Were Worshiping God On Sunday!" - A.W. Tozer
" You Cannot Be Doing On Sunday What You Have Not Been Doing All Week Long." - Kent Henry
"A Worshiping Church Is Not A Church That Incorporates Certain Worship Expressions, But It Is A Group Of Worshiping Hearts. To Have A Worshipping Church, You Have To Have Worshippers. Unless There Are Worshipers In A Worship Service, There's Isn't Going To Be True Worship, Only Worship Mechanics! - Greg Mira
To Be A Lifestyle Worshiper It Begins With A Daily Disciplined Attitude Of A Thankful Heart (The Outer Court) - "In Everything Give Thanks For This Is The Will Of God." (1 Thessalonian 5:18). Secondly, We Must Exercise And Practice Personal Private Praise (The Inner Court) - We Must Learn How To "Put On The Garment Of Praise" (Isaiah 61:3) And Also Offer Sacrifice Of Praise (Hebrews 13:15). Only Then Can We Experience Continual Communion And Anointing Worshiping The Father (In The Holy Of Holies) In Spirit And In Truth (John 4:24) - TPWC

As A Worship Leader, You Cannot Lead Where You Have Never Been. Today, The Lord Is Seeking For The Heart Of Worship Rather Than The Art Of Worship - TPWC

                         Paul Balche - Performance VS Worship Leading


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